Donkey Time

Kimba and Stardust will crash your Zoom party, Holiday gathering or office party! Give us the zoom link and we will arrive with a few tricks and some laughs.


Stardust and Kimba love to play and do tricks!

Donkey Zoom Party Crashers!

Take a break, laugh, re-energize. Zoom meetings can be intense, slow, or frustrating. Invite some friendly donkeys to mix things up a bit and take a break. That will get folks tuned back in and ready to go again.

Invite the Donkeys to your party, live or pre-recorded to excite the kids and adults alike.

Zoom meeting Party Crash, 10 minutes: $75

Party Personalized Pre-recorded video from donkeys: $50

General recording of the donkeys that can be used in any party any time, day or night! : $20

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